Beatiful Hair.
A Holistic Approach.

Our philosophy is grounded in the holistic approach to living. We believe that nature and nutrition hold the keys to beauty, health, and vibrant longevity. Our products reflect that approach. We will market to our customers only products we believe to be best for them and products that support a simple, healthy lifestyle.

We believe that business is a means to better living. We develop products that make people happy. We use the proceeds of the business to improve our community and society. Our values are based in our beliefs, which are grounded in love.


The Makers of


  • Protect from daily heat styling
  • Defend against weather effects
  • Transition between straight and curly styles
  • Nourish with 100% natural ingredients

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  • It feels so much softer than it normally does. I've experimented with a lot of different products and this is completely new to me but this had done a really great job of increasing the softness.
    The FORMULA HEAT Styler